Tools and materials must always be kept tidy and close at hand.


At Cameron Interiors we are passionate about the exceptional design of living spaces and the highest levels of craftmanship. Enter the b2. The bulthaup b2 turns the kitchen into workshop and is inspired by the golden rule of craftsmanship: “Tools and materials must always be kept tidy and close at hand.”

The ethos behind the b2 is an elemental approach to building a kitchen, tailored to every individual’s unique taste, comprising a workbench, tool cabinet and appliance housing cabinet: The workbench for the fire and water point; the kitchen tool cabinet for crockery, cooking implements, spices and food; the appliance housing cabinet for the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator.


The b2 believes in showcasing the essentials which are close to hand, and all superfluous items are concealed in the ‘tool cabinet’.

The core materials too are minimalist but offer a range of combinations and design options. Central to the range are oak and walnut veneers, with worktop alternatives including steel, timber and granite.


The b2 was developed in collaboration with design house EOOS and in 2008 won the “Elle Decoration International Design Award.”

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