Tidy home, tidy mind…


These last few months certainly disrupted the best-laid plans for the more organised amongst us at the start of 2020. That said, if our own lockdown behaviour has been anything to go by, the last 100 days have been the perfect time to plan storage and organisation solutions and finally get around to the perfect home improvements. Your home could be benefitting from all this extra focus and you can take the time to perfect your surroundings.

There is a cathartic element to addressing your clothes storage and dressing room furniture and more so when incorporating beautiful Italian furniture by Jesse. Whether you like to see where everything is or prefer a more discreet approach, Jesse has the answer to the question you didn’t even know to ask.

Their ranges are diverse, beginning with the simplicity of the Naked collection. Naked is a basic walk-in wardrobe, without a back, made up of simple metal uprights to which shelves, drawers, containers, and various accessories are attached, which can be positioned as desired thanks to the handy bayonet system.


A minimal design but with a practical focus, that allows the use of all available space in the best possible way and for precise organisation.

The Pass range is perfect as an alternative to the classic wardrobe. It features elegant and stylistic touches and offers a designer wardrobe solution that makes the most of your available space. A self-supporting walk-in wardrobe, Pass can be custom-tailored to your requirements and can also be perfectly finished with a Plurimo Fume door, as an example.

Finally, a third Jesse range can be adapted to any size and is versatile with a large range of accessories. Scenario is the classic rack-style walk-in wardrobe, designed by Jesse to organise your wardrobe in the best possible way. This designer walk-in wardrobe is fully customisable with drawers, pull-outs, shelves, hangers and has everything you need to keep the wardrobe tidy, allowing organisation of your space.


Keeping everything tidied away with clean lines and space can be a challenge, but there are some perfect pieces to help. The Plurimo Fume are transparent doors whilst the Icona or Ghost sliding doors keep your belongings out of sight. Both the Ghost and Icona are on show in our Glasgow showroom.

Whichever style you choose, functionality and excellence in design come as standard with Jesse. Their practicality and attention to detail are second to none. Details such as internal lighting for added luxury, sectioned internal drawers for optimal organisation, pull down rails for maximising space all add layers to your design.

These incredible wardrobe and storage ranges are custom built-in Italy with care, creativity, and elegance above all. We have several excellent examples on show in our Glasgow showroom, so get in touch with our designers today to talk through your new space.

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