Keeping the house tidy during lockdown has been one of the greatest challenges for family living. With most families sharing communal spaces for the vast majority of the day, keeping on top of the clutter is nearly impossible – above all, in the kitchen.

Generally considered to be the beating heart of family life, the kitchen attracts clutter like moths to a flame. Not just groceries, or cooking equipment, but sports kit, dirty wellies, papers and post, laptops, and every electronic device used within a 100m radius, charging cables, shopping bags, handbags, towels, trays, and dog toys.

The list goes on….

Panic not, however, as for every storage problem, there is most definitely an intelligently engineered, precision-designed storage solution and at Cameron Interiors, we’ve the very best of them.

bulthaup are innovators when it comes to merging form & function seamlessly. Their kitchen design is focused on optimising storage space efficiently but with precision. Keeping personal items on display with care, while hiding function behind closed doors.

Here are our top 5 Bulthaup-designed products to keep your kitchen running like a well-oiled machine.

The Pocket Door Unit

Aesthetics and functionality are beautifully balanced in this unit. The doors are solid yet simple to operate. Kitchen utensils hidden in pull out drawers and electrical appliances including ovens can be stowed away perfectly behind the closed doors, adding to a streamlined look of the kitchen.



Bulthaup shelves

The shelving is built as part of the famous b3 wall panelling with no visible brackets on show, these sleek 10 mm-thick shelves make objects look like they’re floating with such slim profiles. An ideal area for storing your favourite cookbooks.


The Sectional Shutter

To ensure that small appliances do not waste valuable worktop space, they can be given their own position. With the shutter open, they are within easy reach whenever you need them but can also be just as easily shut away out of sight. When closed, the sectional shutter naturally blends in with the kitchen’s overall appearance. Shutters are available in aluminium or various colours of laminate. 



Function Boxes

In the b3 range, you can also use the wall space above the worktop for storage, thanks to our function boxes. You choose what function they serve, with options including the knife block, chopping board a spice rack or indeed somewhere to hide you washing up liquid around the sink. Whatever solution you prefer, every function box includes a wing light another added function to an already useful storage area.



 Design Your Own Work Station

Whether it’s your worktop, lighting, water point or sink, Bulthaup design allows you to control how your kitchen works for you. Your work station is the key to kitchen organisation and ensuring that you integrate all the functionality naturally into your kitchen is the top priority.


Here at Cameron Interiors, we have some incredible buthaup design solutions that mean your everyday storage solutions become a functional part of your daily family life.

Why not get in touch to find out how we can streamline your kitchen and leave the constant clutter as a thing of the past?

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