Home working – the new normal


One of the ways our lives have been impacted during these strange and challenging times, is that millions of people worldwide have suddenly found themselves working from home.

For those not used to this way of working, the first question is often, “where can I find space to set up my work area”?

At short notice, many have found work taking over kitchen tables and dining rooms, competing for a quiet space with children and home school projects.  All invading these much-needed family spaces, bringing further challenges as you try to squeeze in space to eat and socialise together.

Simply walking past these makeshift work areas, crammed with computers, files, and papers can be stress-inducing, let alone trying to maintain concentration and order to work efficiently.

While this sudden home working was borne out of necessity, many previously unlikely home workers have found that some work can indeed be completed effectively at home. This will most certainly result in a new normal of increased home working, balanced with important ‘in office’ time. If so, makeshift work areas will simply not cut it and planned work areas will be essential long term.

As our homes come in many shapes and sizes, so too must our creative solutions!

Take a moment to look around your home…. do you have a potential workspace that is simply currently disguised?

Perhaps you have an under stair dumping ground, a recess in your living space, a bedroom dressing table that could double up as a desk, a rarely used spare room or an attic that could be a light-filled study?

If you’re replacing your kitchen dining space, could you incorporate a dedicated workspace or possibly a hideaway desk?

Working with our furniture partners, we create bespoke solutions to design an efficient, calm, dedicated workspace to enhance the interior design of your home rather than scream ‘office’. Solutions that don’t require you moving important work aside to eat every day.

Illustrated below, our furniture partner Jesse Italia offers creative, modular solutions using beautiful materials and details.  Our design team work with various elements to create desk and storage areas large and small to complement any home.  Wall hung elements not only look amazing but are space-saving.  Intelligent storage solutions let you close away your work materials at the end of the day, hugely beneficial in helping you to switch off and unwind.

As illustrated in the example below, our partner Carl Hansen offers a collection of simply beautiful crafted tables and desks, all furniture design classics for your room.

The striking society table is a timeless example of the Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen’s approach to design. This desk was designed in 1952, with Jacobsen applying new techniques and materials at the time to create this slender writing desk. Such intelligent design will surely help inspire your own work output!

A conical desk lamp in brushed stainless steel contributes a seamless extension of the design, as does the glass-fronted, wood and veneer letter compartment. Beneath the table, a six-drawer wood and veneer unit is suspended from fine metal tubes, a feature that, together with the slim frame and solid wood feet, contributes to the desk’s air of lightness.

A desk of timeless design that will complement equally a modern or traditional home.

As important as your desk, is your choice of desk chair and we will discuss a number of factors to understand your requirements from fully ergonomic office chair to options which balance form and function.

Carl Hansen, the internationally renowned manufacturer of design classics including Hans J Wegner’s Wishbone chair, provides an enviable collection that complements this desk beautifully.

Illustrated above, the light, elegant and comfortable PK1 chair was designed in 1955 by Poul Kjærholm.  A complex design with a straightforward, minimalist expression, the PK1 is brought to life through expert craftsmanship, including the precise weaving of either 55 meters of flag halyard or beautifully crafted woven wicker. The pairing of the organic weaving material with a dynamic steel frame results in exceptional comfort and visual lightness, making this stackable chair perfect for both classic and modern interiors.

A further example of a comfortable, upholstered chair is our Tonon Lili chair, illustrated below on display in our Glasgow showroom.  This simple, yet elegant chair is available in various fabric and leather finishes to complement your room décor.

If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated room, don’t worry, our showroom display illustrates perfectly that you can easily incorporate a work station in a small living area.  Visit us to try out the comfort of this chair and see if this floating desk with a concealed storage drawer could be the solution for your home?

Our talented team can work with you, thinking creatively to help find your space and design a bespoke work area to make working from home a pleasure, not a chore….Enjoy the benefits of working from home – what are you waiting for?

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