Energy Saving Kitchens


At Cameron Interiors, we are conscious that in our current economical (and ecological) climate, it is essential for kitchen and home design to encompass a core component – resource management. We work with carefully selected partners in kitchen and product design, to ensure that maintaining the highest standard in luxury kitchen design can be achieved while also respecting both energy and environmental resources.

Our main kitchen design partners, bulthaup and Haecker, are respected as industry leaders in their commitment to modern sustainability and energy performance now and for the future.

At every stage, including product development, bulthaup focuses on economical use of materials and a rigorous energy conserving manufacturing process.

In addition, the long lifespan of bulthaup furniture is key – quality designs, materials and manufacturing processes deliver kitchen furniture, hardware and product that can last for generations, reducing the environmental impact caused by premature disposal.

Bulthaup has been a trailblazer in product design in their kitchen product, considering the purpose of every fine detail. The wing slats on a bulthaup extractor, for example, ensures the energy efficient recirculation system works to engineered perfection.

Haecker, also understands the long term benefits of sustainable design. As described on their website, “As an industrial company Häcker takes its share of responsibility for the conversation of nature very seriously and is committed to permanent improvement of the environmental performance. Energy efficiency, emission reduction and waste disposal are only a few keywords that contribute to the sustainability of the Hacker corporation. Häcker runs a modern environment and quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 1400:2009, which was certified first in 2009. Staff and suppliers are actively involved in the protection of environment. The use of low-emission water-base lacquer systems contribute significantly to the reduction of emission.”

Working with appliance partners including Gaggenau, BORA, Miele and Siemens, these design titans understand that successful modern design requires proactive action when it comes to respecting energy resources.

Gaggenau is a market leader and their specialised cook tops are no exception. Both induction and gas cook tops are incredibly energy efficient and their carefully designed collection of cooling appliances offer separate climate zones and next-level performance thanks to the quality and precision of advanced cooling technology.

Another fantastic example is Gaggenau Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series. Using downdraft ventilation, the appliance effectively draws steam, odour and vapour down directly at the source, before they pervade the atmosphere. The combination of the optimised design of the inner frame, dual V-shaped filter, high performing fans and increased width to 15 cm, creates an all-consuming and powerful air extractor with a high vapour catch rate, even when used on a low power setting. The Vario downdraft ventilation can be set to the intuitive automatic function, which allows it to self-regulate its power settings during the cooking process. The intelligent, sensitive and hyper-reactive air quality sensor detects odour, reacts to vapour and quietly extracts them from the room, using the lowest power level necessary.

Miele, another premier appliance manufacturing partner, excels in exceptional energy efficiency whereby almost all of their appliances correspond to energy efficiency class A+. A must for many consumers in today’s marketplace.

Quooker, another partner to obtain the high benchmark of an A classification. A Quooker boiling hot water tap is one of the most sustainable investments for the kitchen and now, having been awarded Energy label A, they are also proving that they are efficient as well as convenient. What’s more, with a Quooker CUBE, you will get filtered chilled and sparkling as well as 100 degrees boiling, hot and cold water. This means no more plastic bottles and with a reusable bottle you can enjoy the crisp taste of Quooker’s chilled and sparkling water on the go.


We are long-time fans of BORA appliances, in particular their cooktop extractors which offer impressive advantages over conventional extractor hoods: they use far less energy and extract less of the expensively heated ambient air as the extraction concept is based on flow speed rather than air volume. They work more effectively as the vapour above the cooktop is unable to escape into the air as freely as with an extractor hood. The powerful yet energy-efficient motor uses less electricity and runs far more quietly.

Cooking isn’t the only area of the kitchen where modern advances in technology can help reduce energy.

The Miele  G 7000 Dishwasher, featuring EcoPower technology and precisely matching components, including greater precision of the spray arms and precise alignment of the spray jets. The highly efficient filtration system and intelligently designed water intake with additional insulation to retain heat, means that appliances use less energy for optimum performance. AutoDos system with integrated PowerDisk is another sustainable benchmark from Miele.  Automatic dispensing adjusts the amount of detergent, ensuring that only the precise amount of water, energy and detergent needed is released according to how dirty the dishes are and the programme selected.”

Miele laundry appliances are rigourously tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ to ensure maximum lifespans meaning less waste. They implement these incredible tests by running a 95ºC programme for 10,000 hours and by opening and closing the door 60,000 times. Their washing machines are made with high grade materials – 90% of which are recyclable – and ensure they are easy to repair. Also with Twin Dos automatic dispensing.

At Cameron Interiors, we understand that quality, efficiency and precision engineering all go hand in hand with excellent kitchen design. Our carefully selected partners set the highest standard for resource management, energy consumption and perfect product design – helping us to ensure we compile the perfect portfolio for you, for the environment and for your regular home expenses.

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