At Cameron Interiors, we are constantly inspired by the ideas and foresight from all our partners, who continue to lead with the precision-engineered, style-driven hardware and product design that we have come to expect and which seamlessly integrates into everyday life.

Quooker have firmly established themselves as indispensable in the kitchen landscape and no product is more representative of this than their Quooker CUBEQuooker were responsible for the first boiling water tap coming to market and this next-gen version of their core design is wholly and firmly at the forefront of essential appliances. The Cube will now allow you to dispense both boiling, hot and cold water, but adding sparkling and chilled water options into the mix. With a Quooker CUBE installed in your sink cabinet, you can store up to 60L of double-filtered water, alongside a CO2 cylinder which will literally add sparkle at the turning of your tap. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and environmental waste and say hello to still and sparkling water at the flick of a switch.

Versatility and style are essential for any design portfolio and Miele really are at the top of their game when it comes to cooking appliances. The mainstay in their kitchen range is the mouth-watering, handle-less Gourmet warming drawer. Stylishly engineered, intuitive and, above all, elegant, the warming drawer is multi-functional and easily networked with your Miele@Home app, meaning you are in control no matter where you are. The ultimate in low-temperature cooking, this exceptional product uses state-of-the-art technology to function as a slow cooker or to warm food & plates as you wish. It’s beautifully designed and we can’t wait to see it in action in our next design brief.

Inspiration in kitchen design will always go hand in hand with culinary invention and appliance product development that seeks to enhance your cuisine. Gaggenau are at the vanguard of beautifully engineered culinary tools and their Vacuum drawer integrates without distraction, with a hygienic stainless-steel chamber to vacuum your sous vide creations, for fast marinading and flavouring or for vacuuming for space-saving storage. It is an incredible addition to their already perfect range and if you are experimental in your culinary creations, why not be experimental with your kitchen appliances too?

Connectivity is a sign of the times and using app technology or integrated wifi to control your kitchen is no longer science fiction. Siemens have harnessed this smart integration seamlessly with Home Connect. Their full range of kitchen and home products are tech-driven via Home Connect on the mobile app, meaning you have full cooking or lighting control from your phone. Taking it next level, you can even now ask Alexa for help in the kitchen by integrating your smart cookConnect oven wifi with your voice control device – you can simply request for the oven to heat up, or the temperature to adjust, while you are otherwise occupied with your kitchen prep. Your own sous chef via digital technology!

Our showroom is bursting with incredible products from our elite design partners and we are constantly inspired to create the very best in fully integrated, elegant, and often technologically driven design ideas for our clients. We keep our finger on the pulse so that your home design will work both for you and with you on a daily basis.

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